About US

Why we do what we do

Every business needs a web presence. It’s something that allows your customers to check you out from behind the scenes. 

Once the business is established it is quite easy to invest in a custom built website, but what happens for the new start ups? There are many amazing web developers out there charging appropriately for their web creations, but often outside the reach of the newly launched business.

This leaves those start ups going to site builders, putting in 100s of hours to build a site that they do not own, that they can not move elsewhere when suddenly the hidden charges start arising.

Enter Stepping Stones Web, we provide that stepping stone for new businesses. We are passionate at making sure everyone can have a website they own, that they can start and continue developing as their business grows and that is hosted on a high quality server to ensure they don’t get impacted on the technology behind the scenes.

What you get

Custom built starter website built by a keen learner of web development

A website that you own and can be hosted anywhere

Hosting on our high quality dedicated server

Hosting on a server powered 100% by renewable energy in Nottingham


Kaytlan Morris

Kaytlan Morris

Web Technician/Developer

I studied IT at Stafford College for 2 years this included Games Development, IT Support, and Web Development. College is where I found my passion of designing and building websites, but I am now an Apprentice at Stepping Stones Web working alongside Tristan Martin at TLMartin Ltd.

I am confident, enthusiastic, and creative. I love to help people make themselves visible online through WordPress Websites, this is my number 1 passion!

I like to get to know my clients, knowing the client is the most important way for me to design the website suitable for them and their business.

I own both Stepping Stones Web and TLMartin Ltd. When looking after a web server, that is the role of an IT Technician, after all it is a Server, just like that in a business office, it needs to be kept secure and up to date a very different skill set to a web developer or designer. This is why I created Stepping Stones Web to make sure high quality hardware was there to support the amazing websites built.

With a degree in Internet Technology and the love and care for starter businesses I will always make sure you are looked after and protected.

Tristan Martin

Tristan Martin

Managing Director